Help the Viola da Gamba Society

Please help us with meetings, donations or an instrument loan for our hire scheme

The VdGS is grateful for all donations made, however small

We need your help with our meetings!

  • VENUES: if you know of a good venue for a meeting, please let us know. It would be great to have a kitchen with cups and a kettle. If it is in London it would be good if public transport was not too far away.
  • IDEAS: we always need ideas for meeting topics. Even if you only have a smidgen of an idea it might fit in with another item we have thought of before but does not fill a whole day.
  • ORGANISATION: If you are up for organising a whole meeting yourself, perhaps at a venue local to you, then let us know. We can give you some guidance on where to start.

    As a charity we always welcome donations. These can come in all sorts of shapes and forms. Here are a few examples of items you may consider donating to the VdGS, be it out of charity, or because you have no use for them anymore, or perhaps you may consider including us in your will:
  • SECOND HAND MUSIC: we always have a 'Bargain Bin' at the Early Music Exhibition in Greenwich which attracts a lot of interest. Please also see JDMF below.
  • MONEY: you can either add an amount to your annual membership payment, or you can just donate a sum to the VdGS. Please make sure you either sign the GiftAid section on your renewal form, or, if making a separate donation, please download a GiftAid form here. GiftAid helps us recover a small amount from the Inland Revenue. You can also leave the VdGS a sum in your will.
  • INSTRUMENTS, BOWS AND CASES: we always need instruments, bows and cases for our Viol Hire scheme. Please contact Bridgewood & Neitzert if you are thinking of donating such items to the VdGS. You can also lend the instrument to us for our Hire Scheme.
  • THE JOY DODSON MUSIC FUND: This fund gives awards to mainly young players to attend viol courses and is entirely dependant on donations. Donations don't always have to be in pure money form, such as putting the JDMF in your will. Any donations to the fund need to be specified as such, as general donations simply go to the VdGS (this could be 2nd hand music as well!).

    We always need people to help with small things: some technical advice regarding web design, Charity accounting, input of ideas for inprovement and smoother running of the Society - this could be done at a distance or by being a committee member. We hold 3 committee meetings a year, mostly in London, and it can be a rewarding experience to be part of the actual running of and decision-making within the Society. Even if you are not up to joining the committee and think that committee meetings are the most boring thing ever, you can help from afar. We rely on volunteers to help us out. It makes a big difference if many helpers do just a little each rather than a handful of volunteers doing a lot. So, if you have a bit of time to spare, however little, we would be very happy to use whatever you are good at! Many thanks