The Viola da Gamba Society Hire Scheme

The Society owns a number of treble, tenor and bass viols (complete with bows and cases) covering the full consort range, which are available for hire to members. The intention of this service is to help those starting the viol and taking lessons from a qualified teacher to delay buying an instrument of their own. Members of the society resident in the UK can hire viols for between 3 and 6 months, depending on availability

  • The period of hire is for a minimum of three months which then may be renewed if there is not a waiting list or demand for the instrument. The cost of hire for the three month period is: treble and tenor viols - £69; bass viols - £75; student rate for all viols - £56 (on production of a valid Student Union card), plus £20 to cover insurance for the three months.

  • A £50 deposit is also charged and banked by the VdGS; this is returned at the end of the hire period when the instrument, bow and case are brought back in the same condition on the date agreed. Please contact our administrator on regarding the return of your deposit.

  • Instrument hirers agree that they are solely responsible for the care and condition of the instrument, bow and case, and if loss or damage occurs, accidental or otherwise, they are liable to pay for all the cost of replacement or repair. Instruments must never be left unattended in cars, near fires or radiators, or in direct sunlight. However, if the instrument is damaged, please contact your viol hire officer immediately. Do not try to get it repaired until you have consulted the VdGS.

  • Strings will be checked before hire, but if top strings break the hirer replaces them at his or her cost.

  • Hirers agree to pay the full fee and deposit at the beginning of the hire period, and to collect and return instruments to the viol hire officer concerned. In the event of late return a fee of £10 per week is charged for each week after the agreed hire period.

  • Please bring evidence that you are a valid VdGS member (such as an email, printed or on your phone) when you hire for the first time
    For further information, please contact: Gary Bridgewood | Bridgewood and Neitzert | 146 Stoke Newington Church Street | London N16 0UH | (Tel. 020 7249 9398) | | website

    We have set up an email address for PayPal payments, to give hirers an alternative to paying by cheque: Please note that all arrangements regarding hire still need to be done through B&N and cannot be dealt with via this new email address.

    RENEWING YOUR VIOL HIRE Your first contact should be with Bridgewood & Neitzert:
    Gary Bridgewood, Bridgewood and Neitzert, 146 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0UH (Tel. 020 7249 9398)
    If you are currently hiring an instrument from the VdGS you can extend the viol hire period in several ways:
  • send a UK cheque for the next 3 months' hire to Bridgewood & Neiztert (please make it out to the 'Viola da Gamba Society')
  • send a PayPal payment to through your own PayPal account

  • If you are unsure how much you need to pay, or have any questions, please get in touch with Bridgewood & Neiztert
    If you have returned your instrument, please contact the administrator to get your deposit back.