Weblinks to online resources for learning and playing

This page was created during the Covid-19 crisis global lockdown to help players with learning and listening from home.
If you are fortunate enough to not be financially hugely affected by the Coronavirus, please consider booking some lessons online with a professional player and/or your usual teacher, as well as contribute in other ways to supporting musicians at this difficult time. All perfomers had their entire work schedule wiped out over night for a yet-undefined period, and it is not clear what impact our 'new normal' lives, when we are allowed to socialise again, will have on physical performances. Musicians receive an average of £0.0028 per track you stream on Spotify or similar platforms (YouTube is £0.0012), and there will be a pause in revenue from music played in pubs, bars and restaurants (link to an article in the Guardian). If you can, please help musicians survive this crisis which will change music making for the longer term through booking lessons, donating, funding projects that can be created at home and other ways. Thank you.

Videos, Technical Advice & Resources for Playing at Home

Ibi Aziz

link to You Tube Channel for Lockdown alone together videos

Ibi also offers online lessons: email

Cat on the Keys Music | Lockdown Early Music Backing Tracks

link to website

Fretwork | Tutorial Videos

Jo Levine: bow exercise and string crossing exercise
Sam Stadlen: video on bow hold

link to website
David Hatcher | Play along tracks

David is producing multi track audio files to which you can play along. The format is mp3, pitch is A440, with a click count-in. All the pieces were recorded on Richard Jones' viols but they work perfectly well to play with on Jacobean viols too. The pieces are taken from David's recent edition of a manuscript of German street songs from the early 16c, which he describes as 'direct, earthy repertoire'. With each purchase you receive a link to a downloadable folder containing the score, a complete performance of the piece, and four other files, each with a part missing.
Each piece is £4 and you can view the catalogue on David's website. djhatcher@icloud.com

Alison Kinder | YouTube

Bowrobics 1 and 2

Divisions 1, 2 and 3 - using 'A La Dolce Ombra' by Cipriano de Rore

A series of videos introducing familiar and less familiar composers. Ali plays the pieces (copies can be downloaded) and explains the technical points along the way, e.g. No 1 - Edward Keene (treble).

The other videos can be found easily on YouTube from this link. Composers include Tobias Hume (bass), James Paisible (tenor), Abel (bass), Boismortier (tenor), Gastoldi (tenor/treble duos).
Ali also has a Patreon subscription (3 tiers) if you would like to help her make more videos. The second and third tiers gain access to The Clinic videos on specific aspects of viol playing with the top tier allowing you to request a tutorial video on a particular subject.

Asako Morikawa | YouTube & website

Multi-track videos of music by Holborne, Dowland, Gibbons and Lupo for viol players to listen to or play along with:

Orlando Viols | Consort Box - tool to play together apart

The viol consort - ORLANDOviols based in North Germany - uses a tool, the Consort Box, developed by their member Giso Grimm which makes it possible to play together with beautiful sound and very little delay. They use these times for playing together nearly daily. It's very inspiring and they would like to share it with the viol community.
This box is completely built upon open source software and open or standardized hardware. So if you get the hardware components (a small computer: Raspberry Pi 3B+, a sound card, a microphone, headphones, cables) you are welcome to use the software published here: link to website
You probably will need a computer freak, who helps you but it is worth the effort!!
OrlandoViols are happy to help with more information if needed.

Susanna Pell

Susanna Pell is offering online tuition via a bespoke service which includes video exchanges and music minus one tracks. She also has an ever growing library of 'play along' recordings aimed at experienced players called Come Joyne Me. If you'd like further information contact her at susanna.pell@gmail.com.

Jacqui Robertson-Wade | YouTube

link to YouTube
Jacqui Robertson-Wade has devised a 'Technical Syllabus', based on teaching viols in schools over a period of 18 years, which helps players to find the most appropriate lesson for their ability, within the range of lessons now being offered online.
Progressive Viol Lessons consist of five different levels: Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced and each level has 10 points of technique associated with it.
You can also search the page by repertoire if you want to learn a specific piece of music. Or choose your teacher: Alison Kinder, Sam Stadlen or Jacqui Robertson-Wade.
The page is currently under construction and will be ready soon: https://www.rondopublishing.co.uk/progressive-viol-lessons/

YouTube videos: How to Refret a Viol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l22ykfZbqHQ&t=6s
Forqueray's Principles of Bowing and Ping Bowing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwEogbx7kxY
Coming soon: How to replace a string; Lawes treble lesson; Couperin bass lesson; Elementary lessons from the start for treble, tenor and bass viols

Sam Stadlen | YouTube

link to YouTube

Some videos are free to view, e.g. 6 tutorials on a relaxed bow hold, bowing and string crossing
Additional material is available to patrons (via Patreon monthly subscription). The lower tier helps Sam make more video content. Tier 2 gives access to music-minus-1 videos and audio files (available at A415 and A440) to play along with, plus scores and parts.
A Tier 2 subscription entitles you to commission either one tutorial video on a subject of your choice or one viol-based 'music-minus-1' video per month. There are currently 18 music-minus-1 pieces available with frequent new additions. These range from duets to six part consort music (including Ferrabosco's Fantasia 'Di Sei Bassi') and a new section for beginner viol players
More details here: https://www.patreon.com/samstadlen/

Others teaching online
Alison Crum www.alisoncrum.co.uk
Claire Horacek: email

Playing Videos
Luke Challinor | Sainte Colombe

link to Soundcloud

Fretwork | Past Performances

link to performances
Link to all Fretwork videos

Juan Manuel Quintana | Telemann: Fantasia in g minor

link to YouTube

Szaszvarosi | Michael East: I as well as thou, fantasia No.2

link to YouTube

L'Acheron & Francois Joubert-Caillet | MARAIS: Le badinage, Livre IV

link to YouTube

Jordi Savall | Luis de Milan - Pavana & Gallarda

link to YouTube

Marino Palude and Marco Lo Cicero | Marin Marais - Couplets de Folies .. de Quarantine

link to YouTube

Liam Byrne and Jonas Nordberg | Marin Marais, Le Badinage

link to YouTube
and Liam Byrne at the Early Music Shops (link to Facebook)

Timur Yakubov and friends in the Netherlands | link to Facebook, a video of Brandeburg 6, last movement

link to Facebook