Miscellaneous Links
PUBLISHERS & SHOPS specialising in viol music

Alchemy (Brian Capleton) - Publisher
Brian Jordan - Shop
Charivari Publications - Publisher. Only Abel Facsimile available now. Other volumes transferred/transferring to Walhall Verlag
Edition Guentersberg - Publisher
Gamba Music Club - Publisher
L'Atelier Philidor (Emmanuelle Brochard) - Shop
Particular Music - Publisher
PRB Productions (Peter Ballinger) - Publisher
Recorder Music Mail (Jeremy and Ruth Burbidge) - Shop & Publisher
Rondo Publishing - musical editions enabling students and performers alike to get the most from the music - Shop & Publisher
Saraband Music (Patrice Connelly) - Publisher
VdGS Music Editions - Shop & Publisher (now also available from the Early Music Shop)
Walhall Verlag - Shop & Publisher
PUBLICATIONS and viol-related exchanges

Ferrabosco Fantasias - Stylistic Observations (by Bruce Bellingham).
Gamba Talk - The first bilinigual group (French/English) for those who love the viola da gamba
Laura Moretti, University of St Andrews - Music in Italy In Gamba!The Viola da Gamba in Sixteenth-Century Italy. History, Practices and Contexts.
Huddersfield University list of discography
STIMU Bibliography - covers several journals, but not Chelys ... yet! Searchable by author initial.
MUSEUMS, INSTRUMENT COLLECTIONS and other instrument-related sites

Early Music World
Edinburgh University Collection of Historical Musical Instruments
Medieval Music & Arts Foundation (specific instruments)
New Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) Instrument Catalogue
National Music Museum
Smithsonian Museum - listing of music conferences, with links, music sites (in French)
free music downloads, lots of consort music - Steve Hendricks
LIBRARIES and other institutions

COPAC - British Libraries
Royal Holloway College
University of the Arts in Bremen

Music jobs - Music career job opportunities. Find a music job
www.semibrevity.com The Early Music Pioneers Archive
The impact of smoking on musicians
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