Help with logging in to the members' area
Who has access to the members' area?
All VdGS members with a valid subscription have access to the members' area, whether they get the newsletter in paper or only electronically. The password is the same for all members and changes every 6 months. We are sorry that this may be infuriating for some, but it is the best we can do at the moment (see below). The new password is printed in each newsletter and is also sent by email to all electronic members each quarter.
I am a member but have lost the password
We apologise that there is no automatic password recovery function on this site. This is because the password is not an individually arrangement with each member. If you cannot find the last newsletter with the latest password, please email the Administrator on
I am a member, have the password but cannot log in
You probably have already tried the obvious options, such as checking carefully that what you are entering is exactly like the printed password. Please try another browser if you have one, and if that still doesn't work, email the webmaster on with a description of your problem.
So far we have only had one member who had a genuine technical problem that still remains unexplained.
I don't know whether I am still a member and would like to find out and/or rejoin
To find out whether your membership has lapsed, please email the Administrator on . If you are certain that your membership has expired, you can rejoin here
Why don't I have my own personal password that I can recover and why does the password have to change twice a year?
Since we only have limited technical resources, we had to set up the members' area as a protected area of the site that every member logs on to with the same details. In order to make sure that members whose subscription has lapsed no longer have access to the area, we have to change the login details frequently. We decided that this is only done twice a year rather than quarterly. This is not an unusual arrangement, as can be seen by the Swiss Viola da Gamba Society using the same system, although we accept that it may not be satisfactory for some. The only way we could provide individuals with a recoverable and individual password would be by creating a database that contains each member's personal information, hosted securely, and updated with every renewal or lapse of membership. The VdGS does not have the financial or technical resources to provide such bespoke service, and a database that gives every current member the option of creating an online account was voted against by the majority of members in response to a survey a few years ago. If a member of the VdGS who could provide us with the technical know-how of such a setup on a voluntary basis comes forward, we would be most grateful and would consider revisiting this discussion.
What is in the members' area? Is it worth the hassle?
There is some information for beginners to get started; some free music to download; old issues of newsletters (we are still working on converting and uploading all old newsletters here)
Help & Support the VdGS

We rely heavily on input from volunteers who keep our activities going, so if you have some time to spare, however little, let us know. We are also always grateful for suggestions, help and ideas from our members - this could be for the newsletter, the website or a meeting.
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