M - Maker
Pl - Player
Pu - Publisher
Res - Researcher
Sh - Shop

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This page only shows members who have explicitly requested to be shown here (usually by ticking a box on the application form)
Peter Ballinger - Pu (PRB Productions)
Martin Barnett - Pl (Glasgow Viol Consort)
Alexander Batov - Pl
Francis Bevan - Pub
Austin Boothroyd - Pl, Pu (Martello Music)
Emmanuelle Brochard - Sh (L'Atelier Philidor, Paris)
Jeremy & Ruth Burbidge - Sh, Pu (Recorder Music Mail)
Jonathan Chapter - Pl
Professor Richard Charteris - Res
Patrice Connelly - Pu (Saraband Music)
Alison Crum - Pl, T
Elizabeth Dodd - Pl, T
Anita Felton - Pl
Martin Felton - Pl
Michael Fleming- Pl, Res ('Making the Tudor Viol', ) 
Robert Foster - Pl, Composer
Allen Garvin
Charlotte Gauthier - Pl
Patrick Giguere - Pl, Composer
David Griffiths - Pl, Sh (Early Music Direct)
Susanne Heinrich - Pl (also publisher of Abel Facsimile)
Myrna Herzog - Pl
Andrew Hopper - Pl
Professor Elizabeth Leach
Joe Lotito - M
Brian Jordan Ltd, Cambridge - Sh
The Juilliard School (Historical Performance degrees)
Asako Morikawa - Pl, T
Joelle Morton  - Pl
Annette Otterstedt & Hans Reiners  - Pl, M
Susanna Pell - Pl, T
Mary Pells - Pl, T
Hetti Price - Pl
Giovanni Rastelli - Pl, Res
Dr Caroline Ratcliffe - Pl, Res
Jaqcui Robertson-Wade  - Pl, T
David Saphra - Pl, information about Lyra viol
Lynda Sayce - Pl
Mark Sealey - Pl, (+poetry and photos)
Dr Phillip Serna - Pl
Professor David Smith - Pl (also keyboards)
Catherine Sutherland, Cambridge University Consort of Viols
Judy Tarling - Pl, Res
Viktor Toepelmann - Pl, T
Johanna Valencia (Oriana Music)
Herman van de Moortel - M
Hans Vermeersch - Pl, T
Julia Vetoe - Pl
Leonore von Zadow-Reichling - Pl, Pu (Edition Güntersberg) 
Peter Wendland - Pl, T
Claire Wilkinson - (mezzo soprano)
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