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'The Viol' contains general information, ad hoc articles on viol-related topics (including reviews of meetings), information about Society personnel, membership changes, Society publications, meetings, courses, viol news, instruments for hire and sale, new music publications, music & CD reviews, young players pages and correspondence.
[all issues of the Viol: Editor - Mary Iden; Front Cover (until 2016) - Ted Copper]

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Contents of all issues (The Viol)

No. 54 Spring 2019 - to be posted in late April

  • VdGS Contact information
  • Summer Meeting
  • What can you do for the Society? | John Bryan
  • News and announcements
  • VdGS hire scheme
  • Instruments and bows for sale
  • Member changes
  • Stolen instruments | Louise Harper
  • Italian Renaissance viols: A question of status | Phili Thorby
  • John Rose, 'fameux auteur' | Michael Fleming
  • The highs and lows of English consort music | John Bryan
  • 'Sup. Pubs.': ammonia and shirt bags | Michael Hobbs
  • English Music across the North Sea | Anna Carlsen Waldingbrett and Oliver Hirsch
  • Obituaries: Layton and Christine Ring | Julie Srobbs, David Pinto and Elizabeth Dodd; Jeanne Dolmetsch | Dr Brian Blood
  • Young Players | Tim Edwards, Emily Ashton, John Bryan, Rebecca Lee, Alison Kinder, Alison Crum
  • West Dean Viols | Alison Crum
  • CD Reviews | Philip Redfern, Les Stobbs
  • New CD Releases
  • Music Reviews | Patxi del Amo, Clare Griffel, Piers Snell, Jeny Tribe
  • Concert and course listings

  • No. 53 Winter 2018/19
  • VdGS Contact information
  • Spring meeting
  • News and announcements
  • VdGS hire scheme
  • Viols and bows for sale
  • Member changes
  • Blackheath Early Music Festival | Sue Challinor
  • The Joy Dodson Music Fund | John Bryan, David King
  • Italian Renaissance Viols: a question of status | Thomas Munck
  • The RCM International Festival of Viols 2018 | Richard Boothby, Naomi Meredith
  • Considerations amongst the hedgerows: on multiplicity | Derek Porter
  • Obituary: Jane Ryan | Ian Gammie, Scott Clark
  • From the Archive: Sheila Marshall
  • Young Players: Cai Waverley-Hudson, Emily Ashton, Rebecca Lee
  • New CD releases, reviews
  • Music reviews
  • Concert and course listings

  • No. 52 Autumn 2018
  • VdGS Contact information
  • Winter meeting
  • News and announcements
  • VdGS hire scheme
  • Viols and bows for sale
  • Member changes
  • Course reports: Viols in the Midi-Pyrenees | Rachel Kennedy and Matthew Farrell
  • VdGS/SWEMF Joint Meeting - Summer 2018 | Clare Griffel
  • Correspondence: Alto viols | Chris Coggill and Richard Carter; Richard Mico | Richard Turbet and Claire Horacek
  • The Michael East Project | Ibrahim Aziz
  • Lute and Viols in 18th century Bath and Wells | Matthew Spring
  • From the Archive: Percy Grainger
  • Young Players | Martin Barnett, Elizabeth Dodd, Esha Neogy
  • New Member Profile: Helen Williams
  • New CD releases
  • Concert and course listings

  • No. 51 Summer 2018
  • VdGS Contact information
  • Autumn meeting
  • News and announcements
  • VdGS hire scheme
  • Viols for sale
  • Member changes
  • Is the Quinton a Viol? | Jacqui Robertson-Wade
  • In the footsteps of Anthony Poole | Thomas Baeté and Jaap Noorman
  • The Renaissance viol SAM66 | Francesco Linarol Richard Jones and Philip Thorby
  • The Michael East Project | Ibrahim Aziz
  • Why are we still using a double bass in Monteverdi’s Vespers? | Peter McCarthy
  • Young players | John Bryan, Rowan Bidmead, Matthew Spring, Richard Carter, Susanna Pell
  • Music reviews | Lucy Robinson, Stewart McCoy, Jacqui Robertson-Wade, Richard Boothby, Janet Reeves, Piers Snell
  • CD reviews | Stewart McCoy, Philip Redfern, John Bryan
  • New CD releases
  • Concert and course listings

  • No. 50, Spring 2018
  • VdGS Contact information
  • Summer meeting
  • Changes to data legislation | Ursula Fuller
  • News and announcements
  • Gibbons, Orlando and Grinling | John Bryan
  • Gambists before and around Buxtehude's time | Simone Eckert
  • Riches and rarities | Amanda Stuecklin
  • The viols in 'Hearing' | Thomas Munck
  • New Member profile: Clare Galton
  • Lost in translation? | Charles Medlam
  • Young Players | Martin Barnett, Emily Ashton, Alison Kinder, Matthew Farrell, Susanna Pell, Rebecca Lee
  • Music Reviews & CD Reviews | Janet Reeves, Stewart McCoy, Clare Griffel, Piers Snell, Jenny Tribe, Charles Medlam, Elizabeth Dodd, Richard Rastall
  • CD Releases

  • No. 49, Winter 2017-18
  • VdGS Contact information
  • News and announcements
  • Study Day | Restoration or reconstruction? Report on a day spent investigating problematic Tudor partbooks (Magnus Williamson)
  • VdGS Autumn meeting | A melodious noiz. Discussion of the role of viols in Elizabethan and Jacobean broken consort music repertory(John Bryan)
  • Course reports: Tea, cake and consorts old and new. Japan VdGS Summer Course 2017 (Asako Morikawa); Norvis XLVII (Lindsey Adams)
  • Young Players. Report: Huddersfield, RCM, RWCMD. (Thomas Green, Alison Crum)
  • Music Reviews & CD Reviews
  • CD Releases

  • No.48, Autumn 2017
  • VdGS contact information
  • Was John a Foreigner? The shadowy career of Coprario (Edward Seymour)
  • From the Archive: Rosemary Fleet, bringing viols to schools in the 1980s (Jenny Tribe)
  • Blue Plaque for Tomkins
  • Course report: Venice comes to Cambridge (Annabel Malton)
  • New member profile: Roger Buckton
  • Young Players (Hetti Price, Martin Barnett, Lucy Robinson)
  • Music reviews & CD reviews
  • New CD releases

  • No.47, Summer 2017
  • VdGS contact information
  • Autumn meeting
  • Minutes of EGM 18 June 2017
  • Accidents of language use? The Alto viol and the Tenor-Bass Gambe (Richard Carter)
  • VdGS Summer Meeting: Simone Eckert's masterclass and recital (Rhiannon Evans)
  • And outstanding stand: creating a unique stand for a bass viol (Christ Hackshall)
  • From the Archives: The VdGS Composers' Competition (Marilyn Pocock)
  • Obituary: Virginia Brookes (Grace Rowley, Rhiannon Evans)
  • Obituary: Fred Lindeman (Myrna Herzog)
  • A short flowering - the mysteriously short career of Tobias Hume, part 2 (Susanne Heinrich)
  • Musica Britannica: 100 not out (Peter Holman, Andrew Ashbee)
  • 'Why teach children the viol?' (Jacqui Robertson-Wade)
  • Young Players (Sam Stadlen, Chris Hodkinson, Susanna Pell, Richard Carter, Emily Ashton)
  • Music reviews & CD reviews
  • New CD releases

  • No.46, Spring 2017
  • VdGS contact information
  • Summer meeting and AGM in Oxford
  • 2016 VdGS on-line journal
  • News and announcements
  • Proposing a motion at the VdGS AGM
  • VdGS hire scheme
  • Viols and bows for sale
  • Member changes
  • A short flowering - the mysteriously brief career of Tobias Hume Susanne Heinrich
  • Invisible Fiddlers - music in Shakespeare's plays Gerald Place
  • Obituary: Wendy Hancock Ian Gammie
  • How is your viol? Getting the best from your bridge Michael Goater
  • Young Players Lucy Robinson, Chris Hodkinson, Johanna Finnemann, Henry Drummond
  • More knitting! Clare Griffel
  • Young Players Jacqui Robertson-Wade, John Bryan
  • Music reviews - a feast of Abel: Jenny Tribe , Lucy Robinson, Richard Boothby, Sarah Groser, Frances Zagni, Alison Crum, Heather Gibbard, Alison Kinder, Susanne Heinrich, Janet Reeves/Emma Tristram
  • New CD releases
  • CD review: Lisa Colton

  • No.45, Winter 2016/17
  • Spring meeting and AGM in Oxford
  • Proposing a motion at the VdGS AGM
  • Studen discount offer on Gamut strings
  • Shakespeare and Dance | Elizabeth Dodd
  • RCM International Festival of Viols | Luke Challinor
  • Family Consorts | Elizabeth and Caroline Dodd
  • Early Music Festival, Blackheath Halls | Sue Challinor
  • Obituary: Wendy Hancock | Stewart Mc Coy
  • A Requiem for Mr William Lawes | Judith Bingham
  • Acacia wood, frogs and horses | Coen Engelhard
  • Young players | Lucy Robinson, Emilia Benjamin, Victoria Hobson, Henry Drummond, Alison Crum
  • West Dean College | Alison Crum
  • Get knitting! | Susanne Heinrich
  • Joy Dodson Music Fund
  • Music Reviews: Rhiannon Evans, Elizabeth Dodd, Stewart McCoy, Piers Snell, Jenny Tribe
  • CD Reviews | John Bryan, Philip Redfern

  • No.44, Autumn 2016
  • VdGS Music Editions - print your own!
  • Student discount offer on Gamut Strings
  • Journey to Genoa - copying a 16th century Great Bass Viol | Tim Soar
  • Obituary: Els Hermanides Nijhof
  • From the Archive: the American Tour of 1953 | Marilyn Pocock
  • Old Music for Young Ears | Julie Stobbs
  • Viols in Scotland | Vickie Hobson
  • RCM International Festival of Viols 14-15 November
  • Course Report: Jenkins in Germany | Heidi Groeger
  • 'Praise him upon the Viol!' Viols at Evensong | Louise Stewart

  • No.43, Summer 2016
  • Chichester meeting June 2016:
    Friendly emulation, connections between two pairs of In Nomines | John Bryan;
    'In chains of gold': issues in the performance of verse anthems | Bill Hunt
  • RCM International Festival of Viols, 14-15 Nov 2016
  • The music room of Thomas Mace | Thomas Gibbard
  • From the Archive: Natalie Dolmetsch on 'dangers to the viol' | Marilyn Pocock
  • Viol humour: Involuntary tacet | Jan Kamphuis
  • Young players | Susanna Pell, Henry Drummond, Lucy Robinson, Dian Underwood, Jacqui Robertson Wade, Richard Carter
  • Taking the plunge: a try-a-viol session in Gloucester | Marilyn Pocock

  • No.42, Spring 2016
  • Oxford meeting March 2016:
    Pearls before the Swine? Pleasing the audience then and now | Judy Tarling
  • Notes of Dule: Byrd and Guichardo | Richard Turbet
  • Young Players | John Bryan, Beth Edwards
  • Richard Jones, viol maker | Richard Jones
  • The Joy Dodson Music Fund, guidelines: proposing a motion at a VdGS AGM

  • No.41, Winter 2015/16
  • London meeting Oct 2015:
    The Division Viol, an Overview | Myrna Herzog;
    Performing Simpson's Aires | Ibrahim Aziz;
    Christopher Simpson, composer of consort music | Ali Kinder
  • Young Players | Mary Pells, Elizabeth Dodd
  • Course reports: Irish Viol and Recorder Course | Janes Reeves, Jill Davies; Bass fretted instruments at Schloss Seehaus | Heidi Groeger; Higham Hall Early Music Summer School
  • Eyland Fest: renaissance viols at Charney Manor | Catherine Lorigan
  • Dr Bernd Becker, making facsimiles available | Mary Iden
  • Royal College of Music IXth Festival of Viols | Nic Hyde
  • The Peerson Project | Richard Rastall
  • Reviewing contemporary music | Jenny Tribe

  • No.40, Autumn 2015
  • Obituaries | Trevor Jones, Gill Humphreys
  • Birmingham meeting 21 June 2015:
    Introduction | Wendy Hancock;
    Traces of Elizabethan musical communities: the 'Hamond' partbooks | Katherine Butler;
    Viol-playing in choristers' musical education in sixteenth-century England | Jane Flynn
  • Young players | Claire Bracher, Henry Drummond
  • Dartington International Summer School | Richard Boothby
  • Never too late - taking up the viol at 70 | Lindsay Stemp
  • Travelling wit viols | Richard Carter, Susanne Heinrich
  • The Joy Dodson Music Fund, guidelines: proposing a motion at a VdGS AGM

  • No.39, Summer 2015
  • Viols on the road: more travel stories
  • Rehearsing for the Tempest | Ibi Aziz
  • Sticks and frogs at West Dean | Craig Ryder and Kjaer Brady
  • The Glasgow Viol Consort | Martin Barnett
  • Showcasing viols in York | Susanna Pell
  • Viol extravaganza: a day of masterclasses | Berri Munn
  • Concert at Chilwell | Wendy Hancock
  • Verse anthems and consort songs in Cambridge | Joanna Finnemann
  • Award for Gutted! | Jaqcui Robertson-Wade
  • Starting young in Vienna | Richard Carter

  • No.38, Spring 2015
  • The late virtuosi of the Viola da Gamba | Pia Pircher, Charles Medlam
  • Makers ad players (at West Dean College) | Alison Crum
  • Young Players take the stage: Reports on thriving student viol consorts | Alison Crum, Dian Underwood, Ibi Aziz, Mary Pells, John Bryan
  • First steps towards a searchable Thematic Index | Andrew Ashbee
  • Making headlines | Polly Sussex interviews Francisco Pecchia

  • No.37, Winter 2014/15
  • AGM Agenda
  • Dartington International Summer School | Mary Iden, Richard Boothby, Emily Hoare
  • Higham Early Music Summer School | Helen McCann
  • A choice of delights | Norvis XLIV 2014 | Sam Grainger
  • A bridge too far? | Thomas Munck
  • The bas viol after the death of Marin Marais | Pia Pircher
  • The night before a viol lesson | Allison Balberg
  • The Cambridge University Viol Consort | Emily Ashton
  • Young Players
  • Have viol, will travel | Susanne Heinrich
  • Is your bow bugged? | Mary Iden
  • Recent researches | Ian Woodfield
  • A big thank you

  • No.36, Autumn 2014
  • Hille Perl Masterclass at the Vielklang Festival
  • Advanced Viol Consorts course at Dartington
  • Early viol stringing and its relevance for players today | Alison Crum
  • The revival of French Baroque playing in our time | Julie Anne Sadie Goode

  • No.35, Summer 2014
  • From the Archive: Richard Nicholson | A personal reflection | Liz Page
  • Report on VDGS Summer meeting, Bristol Music Club | Marilyn Pocock
  • The Solo Bass Suite (Summary of talk given at Bristol VDGS meeting)| Charles Medlam
  • It Takes Guts: Report of a talk given at the Bristol VDGS meeting by Jane Julier
  • Letter from Mexico | Gabriela Villa Walls
  • Tying Frets: A simple and effective method | Joe Lotito
  • Book review, Martin Erhardt 'upon a ground' | Thomas Munck
  • Carving Viola Heads | John Pringle
  • A Word of Caution on Tuning Meter Apps | Stephen Pegler
  • New Music for Historical Instruments: Why Viol Players should take interest | Leslie Gold

  • No.34, Spring 2014
  • The three Fantasias by John Okeover. A Composition Competition
  • 'Their Last Foile and Polishment' | aspects of compositional refinement in the consort dance of Dowland and Holborne: report of a talk by John Bryan
  • Rita Morey: 18 November 1935-29 January 2014 | Lorna Watson
  • The Creative Viol: Teleman and the Modern World | Dr Lucy Robinson
  • 'No Limitations': A Workshop in Composition | Dr Andrew Wilson-Dickson
  • Charlie Barber's 'Michelangelo Drawing Blood' | Ibi Aziz
  • From the Archive: John Wellingham | Marilyn Pocock
  • Viols in Scotland: A National Crisis | Martin Barnett

  • No. 33, Winter 2013/14
  • The Viola da Gamba Society at Greenwich Early Music Exhibition 2013 | Marilyn Pocock
  • Variant Tunings in the Lute and Viol Repertory: report of a talk by Lynda Sayce
  • John Dowland: An Englishman Abroad; report of a talk by Peter Holman
  • Playing the Viol without Sight | Ducan Bell
  • Letter to the Editor: the treatment of accidentals in modern editions | Richard Carter
  • Young Players' News
  • Tone Quality, as seen by a bow maker (Konstantin Krutzsch)

  • No. 32, Autumn 2013
  • Electronic Membership Survey Evaluation | Susanne Heinrich
  • More about the Quintfiedel | Titia Tebben
  • The Future of VdGS Editions | your comments please!
  • The VdGS Hire Scheme | Mary Iden
  • Making the Tudor Viol | Oxford Jul 2013 | Catherine Lorigan
  • Orlando Gibbons, 1583-1625 | Revd Edmund H Fellowes
  • Meet the Composer: Christopher Roberts
  • Report from Recipient of JDMF grant | Heather Bourne
  • Recent Research on the Viol | list by Ian Woodfield
  • From the Archive: Marco Pallis | Marilyn Pocock
  • Course Report: Marnaves Summer Baroque | Sam Stadlen
  • On Copying a Bass Viol Bridge | interview with G Bridgewood. (David Wilson)
  • From Cello to Viol | Luke Challinor
  • Young Players' Pages | Gutted!

  • No. 31, Summer 2013
  • Viols For Sale
  • Dr John Catch: 19th January 1918-30th April 2013
  • Report of the VdGS Summer Meeting: Cambridge June 2013 | Bianca Brajuha
  • The Verse Anthem: Considerations in Performance | Bill Hunt
  • Varieties of Viols | John Bryan
  • On the Effectiveness of Mental Practice | Dr Phil Kearney
  • 'Upon Silence' by George Benjamin | Richard Boothby
  • Young Players' Pages

  • No.30, Spring 2013
  • Viols For Sale
  • Electronic Membership | Comments invited | Susanne Heinrich
  • A Viol Player's Brief History of the Low Countries: Appendix III reprinted | CJ Coggill
  • Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method: VdGS meeting Nov 2012 | Tim Soar
  • Hubert LeBlanc Defense de la basse de viole.. an introduction | Susanne Heinrich
  • Whatever happened to the Society's Viol? | Sarah Turnock
  • From the Archive: Elizabeth Goble | Marilyn Pocock
  • Memories of the English Consort of Viols: 1957-61 | Ian Graham-Jones
  • The 'Quintfidel' and Other 'Fidel'-Instruments | Susanne Heinrich
  • Michael Plant: 1936-2013 | Linda Hill
  • The Von Trapp Family's Viols | Elaine Mordaunt
  • Skill Acquisition and Music | Dr Phil Kearney
  • Instrument Making at West Dean College: The Current Situation | Colin Bullock
  • Young Players' Pages
  • Robert Jones' Second Book of Songs and Ayres | Richard Carter

  • No. 29, Winter 2012/13
  • Viols For Sale
  • Meet the Composer: Bertie Baigent
  • West Dean College News | Fraser Duncumb
  • Update on Geared Pegs for Viols | Stephen Pegler
  • Upgrading old instruments? | Fraser Duncumb
  • VdGS One-Line Journal Volume VI Contents
  • The English Consort of Viols: The Wigmore Hall 1938 | Marilyn Pocock
  • Harry Danks and the London Consort of Viols | Elizabeth Dodd
  • More on 'Apt for Voice and Viols' | John Bryan
  • Tuning the Viola da Golga | Polly Sussex
  • A Viol-Player's Brief History of the Low Countries | C.J. Coggill
  • The E-flat problem in English music c1580-1640 | Richard Rastall
  • Young Players' Pages

  • No.28, Autumn 2012
  • Viols For Sale
  • 'Apt for Voice and Viols' | Michael Foote
  • Recreating the Lyra Viol | Shem Mackey
  • Purcell and his manuscripts: A British Library Conference | David King
  • Jens Egeberg 1951-2012 | Patience Balslev
  • VdGS Meeting at RCM 9 June 2012 | David Wilson
  • Course Report: The Irish Recorder and Viol Course | Marilyn Pocock
  • On Editing Jacobean Music: The Editor, The Performer and the Publisher | Richard Rastall
  • The London Consort of Viols | Ian Gammie
  • From the Archives | Marilyn Pocock
  • Young Players' Pages
  • Report from a recipient of a JDMF grant | Yusuf Lahham

  • No.27, Summer 2012
  • Viols For Sale
  • Viols Festival in Belgium | Michael Fleming
  • VdGS Editions | Hear before you buy
  • More on Geared Pegs for Viols | Stephen Pegler
  • Report by a recipient of a Joy Dodson Music Fund Grant | Jonathan Hill
  • Meet the Composer: Sarah Gait
  • Bar Numbering: An Editor's View | Richard Carter
  • Bar Numbering: VdGS Members' views | Mary Iden
  • PG Woodhouse and John Jenkins: A link? | Caroline Franklyn
  • West Dean Short courses in musical instrument making | Colin Bullock
  • Instrument ownership in Norwich, c.1600 | Tessa Murray
  • The Viol, Advertising Rates
  • Viol and Lute Makers of Venice 1490-1630: a new book
  • From the Archives | Marilyn Pocock
  • Young Players' Pages
  • Engraving of Johann Schenck: more information
  • Viola da Gamba Festival in Gerfalco, Tuscany
  • Royal College of Music 6th International Festival of Viols

  • No.26, Spring 2012
  • Good News for the Joy Dodson Music Fund
  • Viols For Sale
  • National Centre for Early Music: Competition for Young Composers | Richard Boothby
  • Geared Pegs for Viols: Further Comments | Chris Coggill
  • Meet the Composer: Roy Marks
  • Coda to the Great Gut Debate | Polly Sussex
  • Strings from Spiders?
  • 2011 VdGS Journal: List of Contents
  • Johannes Schenck | Ibi Aziz
  • The Bass Viol in Berlin 1740-1780 | Charles Medlam
  • Bar Numbers. A Question | Stephen Pegler
  • Young Players' Pages

  • No.25, Winter 2011/12
  • VdGS Viols for Hire/Sale
  • Patience Waddilove | An Obituary, Susanna Pell
  • Geared Pegs for Viols | Stephen Pegler
  • 2011 RCM International Festival of Viols Concerts: A Report | Henry Drummond
  • Course Report: NWEMF 2011 Summer School at Trafford Hall | Pat Stewart
  • The End of the Gut String? Fear Not | Susanne Heinrich
  • The Viol and VdGS Finances | Some Food for Thought: Responses
  • Matthew Farley: Viol Maker
  • Morley College Viols | Some Photos
  • The Instrumentation of Orlando Gibbons's Dooble Base Fantasias | Jason Rosenholtz-Witt
  • Notes about the new version of Sibelius
  • Online Historical Viol Database | Thomas G. Mac Cracken
  • Rondo Viol Academy | Jacqui Robertson-Wade
  • Young Players' Pages

  • No. 24, Autumn 2011
  • VdGS Viols for Hire/Sale
  • Elegiac Consort Songs in the Paston Manuscript Collection | Philip Taylor
  • Ian Harwood 1931-2011: Lutenist and Maker Turned Viol Maker and Player | Liz Page
  • Margaret Cutforth | Jacqui Robertson-Wade
  • The VdGS Thematic Index: 2011 Updates | Andrew Ashbee
  • VdGS Try-a-Viol Day: Oxford 9th July 2011 | Susanne Heinrich
  • The Viol and VdGS Finances | Food for Thought?
  • New from Italy: Viola da Gamba Day at Fiesole
  • Strings and More: An Interview with Gary Bridgewood | Mary Iden
  • Chalk and Soap | Edward Seymour
  • Young Players' Pages

  • No.23, Summer 2011
  • VdGS Viols for Hire/Sale
  • Membership Information
  • New Editor for VdGS Online Journal
  • Join the Society's Committee | Trustee Needed
  • Forthcoming Auction of Dennis Nesbitt Viols 16th September 2011
  • Tributes to George Hunter, 30 January 1918-26 March 2011 | Katie Hunter, Rebecca Hunter, Peter Farrell, Wendy Gillespie, Alice B. Renken, Grace Schoedel
  • Richard Campbell, died 8 March 2011 Bill Hunt and tributes | Richard Boothby, Julia Hodgson, Wendy Gillespie, Susanna Pell, Asako Morikawa, Reiko Ichise
  • Meeting reports from 11th June:
    The Dow Part Books, meeting 11th June Emma Tristram; Full of Art and Profundity
    The Five Part Consort Pavan John Bryan;
    Andrew Kerr: Arrangements and Reconstructions for Viols Stephen Pegler
  • Meeting reports from 19th March: Soldier, Punke, Whoop and Tobacco Elizabeth Dodd
  • Tips for Sibelius Software Users on the website
  • VdGS Music Editions | would you like to help?
  • Englishmen Abroad | The Contents of Durham Cathedral Library Music MS D010 Andrew Fowler
  • A Year at West Dean Benjamin Hebbert
  • Playing Viols in New Zealand Elaine Mordaunt
  • Young Players' Pages
  • Message from a Recipient of a Joy Dodson Music Fund Grant | Jonathan Hill

  • No.22, Spring 2011
  • VdGS Viols for Hire/Sale
  • Membership Information
  • Brian Jordan: An Obituary | Clifford Bartlett
  • Is Christopher Simpson Old-Fashioned, or Should He Be Considered as Pioneering? Alison Kinder
  • Barock Me Baby: The Viol Scene in Thailand David Wilson
  • Recent Research on the Viol | Ian Woodfield
  • Writing 'Life after Death' | Peter Holman
  • Making a Baroque Viol Bow | Eitan Hoffer
  • Broken Strings: Is Viol Playing a Winter Pastime? Susanne Heinrich
  • Young Players' Pages
  • News From Universities and Music Colleges

  • No.21, Winter 2010/2011
  • Theron McClure and Brian Jordan, an obituary
  • Distance Voting | Robin Adams
  • The Kitten and the Bow | A cautionary tale
  • Report on RCM 4th International Festival of Viols | David Wilson
  • Charterhouse | Susanne Heinrich
  • The World Encompassed | Orlando Gough
  • The VdGS Tuning Device Survey, Part 2: Consort Tuning | Mary Iden
  • The Pleasures of Internationl Networking | Julie Stobbs
  • Thomas Mace and a Sense of Humour | Wendy Hancock
  • First Encounters | Richard Carter
  • Elizabethan Play Along, Recordings Review
  • Young Players' Pages
  • News from Universities and Music Colleges

  • No.20, Autumn 2010
  • Marlene Austin, obituary | Linda Hill
  • An Interview with Alison Crum | Mary Iden
  • Building an Elizabethan Viol, in search of the sound Byrd might have heard | Tim Soar and Siriol Jones
  • The Auckland Thomas Cole Bass Viol | Polly Sussex
  • The Unequal Fretting of Viols | Richard Carter (nb. Misprinted. The corrected version was distributed with the next issue)
  • Clifford Bartlett Appeal
  • Young Players' News

  • No. 19, Summer 2010
  • Robin Michael Woodbridge | An Obituary David King
  • Arranging a Viol Course: The Experience of Setting Up the Fort Belan Viol Weekend | Clive Tolley
  • Course Report: Viols at Fort Belan | Emma Tristram
  • A New Repertoire for the Bass Viol | Charles Medlam
  • The Viol in Spain | Ander Arroitajauregi
  • VdGS Meeting Report: Kings Place, Saturday 19th June | Linda Hill
  • The History of the VioLab "Pitchman" Tuner | Fred Reinagel
  • The Cleartune Tuning System, A User Review | Stephen Pegler
  • The Development of the Cleartune System |Matthew Finn
  • Thoughts on Tuners 1 | Susanne Heinrich
  • Thoughts on Tuners 2 | Jenny Tribe
  • The VdGS Tuning Device Survey | Mary Iden

  • No. 18, Spring 2010
  • VdGS Meeting Report Oxford March 2010 | Linda Hill
  • RCM International Festival of Viols III November 2009 | Nick Pollock
  • Jane Julier: Viol Maker | An Interview
  • Gutless Veggies? Rhiannon Evans
  • The Viennese Bass: a Giant Viola da Gamba | Tomoki Sumiya
  • A Conversation with Jane Ryan
  • Sainte-Colombe and the Tournus Manuscript | Horacio Bollini
  • Theron McClure: The World's Oldest Viol Player? Suzanne Ferguson
  • News from Music Colleges and Universities

  • No. 17, Winter 2009/10
  • VdGS Meeting October 2009, London: Have You Heard the One By..?
  • In Search of Lost English Viols | Thomas G. MacCracken
  • Copyright and Copying: An Alternative View | Theo Wyatt
  • Copyright and Copying: A Response | Clive Tolley
  • The Viola da Gamba (a further extract)| E J Payne MA
  • Reprinted from Proceedings of the Musical Association, 15th Session (1888-1889)
  • More About Payne and His Viols | Thomas G. MacCracken
  • Captain Tobias Hume Prankster or Genius? Susanne Heinrich
  • Captain Hume's "Invention For Two to Play Upon One Viole" | Karl Neumann
  • Reprinted from Journal of the American Musicological Society vol. 22, no. 1 (Spring 1969)
  • Course Report: NWEMF Renaissance Summer School| Ambleside Ruth Harris
  • 'The Viol Rules' | Alison Crum's New Book is Launched
  • Typesetting Early Music | Stephen Pegler
  • Concert-life in 1649: A Tweet from Edward Benlowes | David Pinto

  • No. 16, Autumn 2009
  • Ask Your Viol Teacher | Frets: Reprinted from the VdGSA News March 1999
  • David Freeman | An Obituary
  • Michael Groser | An Obituary
  • Carbon Fibre Bows for Viols: Tim Soar
  • Course Report | NORVIS 2009 1-8 August, Durham: Edna Coop
  • The Viola da Gamba: E J Payne MA
  • Copyright and Copying: An Alternative View Theo Wyatt
  • Recent Research on the Viol: Ian Woodfield

  • No. 15, Summer 2009
  • A Message from from Your Administrator: Susanne Heinrich.
  • Report of VdGS Meeting at University of Huddersfield June 2009: Andrew Fowler.
  • Postcode Distribution of VdGS Members as at June 2009: Stephen Pegler.
  • A 'Soundposted' Renaissance Viol: Ander Arroitajauregi Aranburu .
  • Narcissus Marsh's Viol Manuscripts and Musical Investigations: Andrew Robinson.
  • Michael Plant, Viol Maker: Shirley Plant.
  • From the Archives | 6th Exhibition of Early Musical Instruments London November 1983 An Exhibitor's View: Michael Plant .
  • The Viola da Gamba in Argentina: Horacio Bollini.

  • No, 14, Spring 2009
  • A Message from the Winner of the Kessler Viol Raffle: Esha Neogy.
  • The Violone and Violone Grosso of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos: Peter McCarthy.
  • The Pardessus de Viole and Quinton | A History: Dr Michael Mullen.
  • The Royal College of Music Festival of Viols | A Report: Nick Pollock.
  • A Note on Dating Two Anthems by Byrd: Richard Turbet.
  • Trio Sonata Playing Day at Benslow | A Report: Sarah Turnock.
  • Some Viol-Related Manuscripts and Printed Music in the RCM Collection: Dr Michael Mullen.
  • Paddy Turner 1931-2008: An Obituary: Jenny Tribe.

  • No. 13, Winter 2008/2009
  • The Solo Bass Viol Suite in France 1650-1700: Charles Medlam.
  • VdGS Meeting Report November 2008: Restoring the Kessler Collection of Viols
  • Course Reports: Norvis, Alston Hall, NWEMF at Ambleside
  • Viols in China - A Pioneering Visit? Alison Crum.
  • Julian Boby - An Obituary: Mary Iden.
  • The Restoration of a Swedish Viol: John Topham.
  • 'After West Dean' Diary: Toby Rzepka.

  • No. 12, Autumn 2008
  • Course Report | The 12th Annual Laboratorio di Musica Antica: Enrico Silvestri.
  • Copyright and Copying: Sally Morris.
  • Two Items of Interest: Andrew Ashbee.
  • Body Percussion | How it Can Help Your Viol Playing: Michael Bruessing.
  • The English Pavan and Galliard for Viols and the Art of Keyboard Intabulation: David J Smith.
  • Sarah Paget | January 28th 1940 to September 18th 2008: Julie Stobbs.
  • Understanding Your Viol and Its Care: Julian Boby.
  • A Letter from the Czech Republic: David Freeman

  • No. 11, Summer 2008
  • Voices and Viols In Performance: Clare Griffel. A Talk Given at the March 2008 VdGS meeting in Oxford.
  • Oyez! Fresh Thoughts About the "Cries of London" Repertory: John Milsom.
  • Brief Summary of a Talk Given at the March 2008 VdGS meeting in Oxford.
  • Style & Spirit | The Importance of Gestures & Ornaments in the Music of Marin Marais: Tal Arbel.
  • A Talk Given at the June 2008 VdGS meeting in Warwick.
  • Lady Godiva | Only a Fiver? Report on the 5 Day Viol-Making Challenge: Jane Julier.
  • Your Chance to Win the 5-Day Viol for the Price of a Raffle Ticket!
  • The Ueno Gakuen Collection of Early Instruments, Tokyo: Stephen Pegler.
  • Trio Sonata Day | Cheltenham February 2008: A Report
  • Viols and Voices in Venice with Philip Thorby | February 2008: Ken Thomson.
  • VdGS Baryton Playing Day | London April 2008: Michael Mullen.
  • The Aquila Strings Workshop: Mary Iden.
  • Makers in the Making | West Dean Diary: Toby Rzepka.

  • No. 10, Spring 2008
  • The (New) Renaissance of the Consort Song: Loren Ludwig. A Talk Given at the March 2008 VdGS meeting in Oxford
  • Ruth Dodd 1919-2007 | An Obituary: John Catch
  • The Well-Tempered Consort: Ruth Dodd
  • 'Isabella's Garden' and 'Snow in Bologna' | Two Poems: Vivien Jones
  • Seeing the Wood from the Trees: Jane Julier
  • Keeping It Alive | Some Thoughts on the Viola da Gamba as a Musical Ambassador: Tal Arbel
  • Makers in the Making | West Dean Diary: Toby Rzepka
  • Viol-Making in Beijing: Charlie Ogle | Download this PDF article
  • Morley Viols | Easter Concert and End of Term Report: Esha Neogy and Ibi Aziz
  • Recent Research on the Viol: Ian Woodfield From Journal of VdGSA 43 (2006): 69-71
  • Ask Your Viol Teacher | Reprinted from the VdGSA News Vol. XLII, No 1
  • 'Apt both for viols and voices' | A Review of an Edition of John Ward Madrigals and Some Questions about the Visual Aspect of Consort Music: Caroline Ritchie
  • From the Archives | On the Training of Audiences and Others: Sheila Marshall

  • No.9, Winter 2007/2008
  • Report on VdGS Autumn Meeting about Godrey Finger
  • Report on RCM International Festival of Viols November 2007
  • VdGS Music Editions Recall
  • The New VdGS Journal
  • Byrd's Choral Songs with Viols: Richard Turbet
  • A Thematic Index From The Stone Age: James V. Whittaker
  • Tuning and Temperament Revisited Again: Richard Campbell and John Catch
  • The Kessler Collection: Marc Soubeyran
  • The Carved Head of the Henry Jaye Bass Viol JP 21: David Pinto
  • From the Archives: Peg's Pegs (First printed in The Bulletin of the VdGS June 1966)
  • Makers in the Making | West Dean Diary: Toby Rzepka

  • No. 8, Autumn 2007
  • The Ruby Viol - In Praise of a Re-born Hybrid: Jan Goorissen
  • Teaching Techniques and Resources: Jacqui Robertson-Wade and Alison Kinder
  • Isabella Pillath 1952-2007: Dr David J Smith and Alison Crum
  • Pan-Pacific Gamba Gathering: John Bryan
  • Course Report | NWEMF Summer School, Ambleside July 2007: Bianca Brajuda
  • Reports of the VdGS Summer Course for New Viol Players: Caroline Dunn, Louise McInnes and Christopher Edge
  • Dr Helene la Rue (1951-2007) | Two Tributes: Michael Fleming and Alison Kinder
  • Examinations in Viol Playing? Michael Steinkuehler
  • Tuning and Temperament Revisited: Thomas Munck, Stuart McCoy & Richard Carter
  • The Jaye Project: Michael Fleming, Thomas MacCracken, and Klaus Martius
  • An Introduction to the Baryton: Jeremy Brooker
  • Building Barytons: Owen Morse-Brown
  • Makers in the Making - West Dean Diary Start of Year 2: Toby Rzepka

  • No. 7, Summer 2007
  • The Dow Partbooks: Margaret Bent A Talk Given at VdGS AGM Oxford March 2007
  • An Introduction to the VDGS Picture Archive: Patsy Campbell (Talk Given at VdGS AGM Oxford March 2007)
  • Music So Long in Favour with Performers of Limited Powers - An extract from A General History of Music 1789: Dr Charles Burney
  • Fretting; The Historical Evidence: John Catch
  • Yes, We Have No Tenors: Oliver Hirsch
  • From the Archives: Viol Consorts at the Haslemere FestivalFirst printed in The Bulletin of the VdGS November 1953.
  • "Invisible Fiddlers" | Viols & Shakespeare: Gerald Place
  • The Story of a Viol Part II | The Restoration: Federico Lowenberger
  • Ask Your Viol Teacher | Aspects of Bowing Technique Reprinted from the Newsletter of VdGS America
  • The Kessler Collection
  • A Festival of Evensongs in Cambridge Colleges: Bill Hunt

  • No. 6, Spring 2007
  • Viols and Tuning | Presentation Given at VdGS Meeting October 2006: Elizabeth Liddle
  • 'Not unlike a confused singing of birds in a grove' | An Introduction to the In Nomine: John Bryan
  • In Nomine Settings for Consort | A very roughly chronological checklist: John Bryan
  • Biographical Notes for Some Little-Known Composers of In Nomines: Andrew Ashbee
  • In Nomine | An Obscure Designation: Virginia Brookes
  • In Nomine Composition Competition.
  • A Composer's-Eye View of the In Nomine: John
  • Why Playing the 'In Nomine' is Not Boring | A Player's View: Richard Campbell
  • The In Nomine Today | Challenges for Performers and Composers: Rebecca Rowe
  • Byrd and the Bees | 'In manus tuas': David Pinto
  • Dietrich Kessler Remembered
  • Makers in the Making - West Dean Diary Term 2: Toby Rzepka

  • No. 5, Winter 2006/2007
  • Tunes, Textures and Tonalities | Some Thoughts on Structure in English Consort-Music: Richard Rastall
  • A List of the Consort Songs for Voice and Viols by William Byrd
  • Consort Songs by William Byrd (1539-1623): Laurence Dreyfus
  • 'O Worthy Queen' | Byrd's Elegy for Mary I: Philip Taylor
  • William Byrd, the Catholics and the Consort Song | The Hearing Continued: Rebecca Redmann
  • Some Neglected Consort Songs by Byrd: Richard Turbet
  • '….made into Musicke of fiue [=1+4] parts' | Voice-and-Viols Versions of Some Byrd 'psalmes', 'sonets' and 'songs of sadnes and pietie': Mike Smith
  • Christopher Wood and the Chantry Suite: Dr Micaela Schmitz
  • Tous les Matins du Monde: Jean-Louis Charbonnier
  • From the Archives: Peg's Clefs (First printed in the Bulletin of VdGS January 1967)
  • First Encounters | A Christmas Baby: Ingrid Glass
  • Until I Saw Your Foot | a poem: Heather Wastie
  • Makers in the Making | West Dean Diary Term 1: Toby Rzepka
  • The Viol Scene in Japan: Toby Rzepka

  • No. 4, Autumn 2006
  • Ivory and Stone Towers | Report of VdGS Byrd Playing Day July 06: Irene Auerbach
  • The Story of a Viol | The Restoration of an Early Viol: Federico Lowenberger
  • The Samacchini Bow: Antonino Airenti
  • Making Renaissance Viols | An Interview: Richard Jones
  • More Questions than Answers | 16th Century Venetian Viols in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna: Richard Carter
  • Playing Renaissance Viols: Stephen Pegler and Thomas Munck
  • Two Poems: Vivien Jones
  • Dendrochronology and its Role in Assessing Old Musical Instruments including Viols: John Topham
  • Viol Music in the Bodleian Library: Peter Ward Jones
  • Recent Research on The Viol: Ian Woodfield

  • No.3, Summer 2006
  • Report of VdGS Meeting: West Dean College May 27th 2006 | Stephen Bowen
  • A Postscript to Peter Leycester and 'A Book of Lessons for the Lyro=Viol to play alone in several Tunings': Richard Carter
  • Posture in Viol Playing: Ian Woodfield reprinted from Early Music Vol.6 (1) 1978
  • A Painful Pleasure | The Sport of Music: Fiona Clarey
  • Ask your Viol Teacher | Tips on Holding the Viol and Foot Position. Reprinted from the VdGS of America Newsletter
  • Taking Time | A Brief Introduction to the Alexander Technique: Susanna Pell
  • All Downhill after 25? A Personal Memorandum: Richard Carter
  • Healthy Practice Habits (as recomended by BAPAM)
  • Managing Performance Anxiety: Philip Wilkinson
  • From the Archives: Extracts from the VdGS Bulletin June 1952
  • Letter from Denmark: Patience Baslev

  • No.2, Spring 2006
  • Music and CD Reviews

  • No. 1, Winter 2005/2006
  • Music and CD Reviews

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