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Please note that the Society has not tested the instruments listed here, and it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they gather as much information and advice before committing to buying an instrument.

  • 7 string, Pierre van Engeland, 1980s

    7-string viol, Bertrand model, by Pierre Van Engeland, Brussels, 1980s. Excellent condition & great sound. String length is 65.5 cm, which is a bit small for my big hands. Would also trade for a similar quality 7-string viol but with a longer string length. The trade can be for something more expensive, in which case I'd pay a difference. Asking £3725. My email: More photos can be found at

  • 7 string, Anthony Edge, 2002
    new price £4500

    7 string bass viol, 2002 Anthony Edge after Nicholas Bertrand (1714), string length 70cm, carved spruce front, traditional French style maple back (no purfling), rosewood pegs with white 'pips', Ebony fingerboard with holly lining. £4500. De luxe velvet lined case available (MTM) £500 Instrument located in Edinburgh, Vickie Hobson (

  • 7 string, Daniel Foster, 1982

    7-string bass viol. Patterned on viol by Claude Pierray, made by Daniel Foster in 1982. In like new condition. String length 710mm. Rosewood fingerboard, tailpiece and pegs. Golden yellow varnish. Back, ribs and neck of even-grained, moderately flamed maple. Top is even narrow grain. Lovely sound. Bow included. Fiberglass case. $10,500. Zoe and Alex Galaitsis (USA):

  • 7 string, Ander Arroitajauregi

    7 string bass viol. String length 685mm. body length 630 mm. 6897€. Ander Arroitajauregi

  • Lyra Viol, Neil Hansford, 1982
    £5500 ONO

    Lyraviol with 8 sympathetic strings by Neil Hansford. Body based on the Paris Jaye. Fingerboard, tailpiece and pegs in pearwood; nuts, saddle, and anchor pegs in ebony. String length 67cm. Made in December 1982 for Oliver Brooks as one of a pair, the other of which went to Annette Otterstedt.
    The sympathetic strings are made of brass, and run from the pegbox through a cavity behind the fingerboard. I have them tuned to an Aeolian scale in D, the lowest in unison with the 6th string. Playing strings are all gut: 6&5, Stoppani; 4&3 Gamut Pistoy & Lyons: 2&1 Kurschner.
    When I acquired the instrument three years ago, the fingerboard had been planed down to the point where it was paper-thin around the second fret, which caused it to resonate noisily when the fourth string was pressed down. I took it to see Robert Eyland in Dartington, and he ended up replacing the fingerboard, and redesigning the arrangement of the sympathetic strings in line with the article by Shem Mackey (The Viol Magazine no. 28, Autumn 2012). This involved making a new twin nut for the top end, and fitting pegs in the end of the body to hold the sympathetic strings. They were originally attached to the second bridge, like a lute. The instrument is in pristine condition, and Bob Eyland’s superb craftsmanship has given it a new lease of life. The sound, particularly with chordal playing in Hume etc., has a wonderful burnished, resonant quality. I have also used it successfully for consort playing.
    If you want the Landwehr bow advertised below ( it goes very well with this instrument) we can negotiate a combined price, £5,500 o.n.o. (without bow)>br /> Contact Simon Nisbett on

  • Renaissance Bass Viol, Michael Plant (1992)

    Interesting Renaissance Bass Viol by Micheal Plant, 1992, £2000
    String length: 64cm. Strung in gut. Glasgow, UK
    Photos available here:

  • Bass viol by Michael Plant (1983)

    Bass viol made by Michael Plant in 1983, in good condition with bow, soft case, amd lots of strings. £2000. Email

  • Small 6-string, Dominique Freguin, 2009
    now £6500

    Small 6-string bass, by Dominique Fréguin, Strasburg, 2009. Copy of Henry Smith (1629). Carved front, 66cm string length. Excellent for playing at high pitch, or for lyra/division playing - the bass register is surprisingly strong for its size. Would also be a nice all-round viol for a player with small hands.
    Currently all gut strung and comes with a padded soft case. Asking price £6500.
    The viol is in Basel but can easily be brought to London for trial, or elsewhere in the UK by arrangement.
    Please contact Caroline Ritchie carolineritchiegamba(at)

  • 6 string, Michael Plant, 1986
    £2000 ONO

    Six string bass viol after Richard Meares 1660, by Michael Plant 1986. Gut strung string length 70cm. New bridge fitted by Norman Myall 2011. In Kingham hard case.
    Contact: Duncan Bell in Worcester Email: DuncanBell4000 [at]

  • 6 string, Wolfgang Uebel, 1972
    now £2000 ONO

    A decorative bass viol with a pleasant sound and resonance. Clip-frog bow and soft case included.
    Collection only from Glasgow
    Two small marks - one minor scrape on the top right of the front and some discolouration on the left indent. Lots of photos and a recording on my website:

  • 6 string, Michael Plant, 1986
    £2000 ONO

    Baroque bass viol, after Richard Meares, c 1660. New bridge fitted by Norman Myall 2011. Gut strung, string length 70cm. No wolf notes occur at either 440 o 415 pitch. In Kingham hard case.
    I'm happy to bring it to the Elgar School of Music in Worcester if anyone would like to try it out

  • Consort bass, N Myall

    Festoon-shaped consort bass after John Rose [c.1600] by Norman Myall. String length 74cm, all gut, in excellent condition. Back and ribs of exquisite birdseye maple with burr-maple inlaid fingerboard and tailpiece, and purfling on the flame-holes. Carved head based on the RCM Jaye consort bass [1617]. This viol has superb projection and works equally well both as a consort instrument and early baroque continuo bass.
    Comes with a soft case. £7,500
    Please contact Michael on, Mobile: 07812 470697

  • Large consort bass, Anonymous 19th C

    Large consort bass (6 strings) made in the 19th century in Bohemia(?) after Nicolas Bertrand. It has a nice carved man's head, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece. Marvellous deep and warm sound when tuned in A. String length 725 mm, body length 775 mm, instrument length 1370 mm. It was restored by Claire Ryder (Paris) in 2006. A soft bag comes with (BAM). The instrument is located in Paris. Please contact me if you would like more photos. It's of course possible to try it out. £10,000. Emmanuelle Guigues (

  • Lu Mi, 2003-5
    £2500 ONO

    Instrument located in Merseyside (St Helens). If interested please contact Elizabeth Carlyon at

  • Treble Viol, Dolmetsch, 1960
    £1500 ono

    Treble viol by Arnold Dolmetsch: 1960 (No. 589). String length: 36 cm. With case. £1,500 ono.

  • Pardessus, D Kessler, 1968

    5-string pardessus by Dietrich Kessler
    Superb sound, in excellent condition, case included. £4250. Including a letter from Mr. Kessler to the first owner
    Located in Antwerp, Belgium. Pieter van de Veire

  • Stephen Robinson treble
    Now reduced to £900

    Treble viol, professionally made up from an EMS kit by Stephen Robinson (maker of spinets). String length: 365mm. No bow or case. Located in Rugby tel. 01788 567613

  • Bass viol bow by G Landwehr

    This bow is currently in use with the Lyra Viol advertised above. Although it is sold separately, it works well with the instrument and if bought together with the viol, a combined price can be negotiated.

  • Bass viol bow by Gregor Campbell

    Bass viol bow by Gregor Campbell, £600
    Length:80.5cm. Minor repair to tip, otherwise in perfect condition.
    Pickup from Glasgow, UK preferable but I’m happy to post it too. P&P and any necessary insurance paid by the buyer.
    Photos available here:

  • Bass viol bow

    Dorfler(?) Bass viol bow, £100
    Excellent condition.
    Pickup from Glasgow, UK preferable but I’m happy to post it too. P&P and any necessary insurance paid by the buyer.
    Photos available here:

  • Tenor Viol bow
    £800 ono.

    Tenor viol bow by Anthony Baylis, fixed frog, quite light (might also suit someone looking for a heavier treble bow) - £800 ono.

  • Treble viol bow

    Treble viol bow (possibly by Bryant or Dolmetsch). Hair length: 57cm. Weight: 50 gms. Fluted stick. Belonged to Roddy Skeaping and used professionally for many years. Offers around £550 .

  • 75cm long Bass viol bow

    Clip-in frog.
    I'm happy to bring them to the Elgar School of Music in Worcester if anyone would ike to examine them.

  • Bass viol bow, Merion Attwood

    Bass Viol Bow Merion Attwood, 'French' style, 84cm, fluted snakewood, screw frog. Recently rehaired. £600 ono. Chris Lamb:

  • Bass viol bow, Julian Boby

    Bass Viol bow by Julian Boby, octagonal, c.80g, £500 Jenny Worthington

  • Bass viol bow, Dolmetsch

    Bass Viol bow Dolmetsch, Pernambuco, ivory nut and frog, screw mechanism, hair length 61cm, bow length 73 cm, 71gms, newly re-haired with best quality Mongolian horse hair (White) Excellent condition, as new Price £1,200 Contact Prof Dona Lee Croft 0208 992 2092 (West London, Ealing)

  • Bass viol bow

    Bass viol bow made from snakewood, EUR400. Located in the Netherlands. Contact


Wanted: a very small bass viol, string length up to 65 cm, body very narrow.
Contact: Elisabeth Hedges, 07890 912513,

Some advice for buyers and sellers:

Two sites also have second-hand viols for sale, the Early Music Shop and Alison Crum's website:

Be careful when buying viols on the internet. It is worth getting some advice first, especially when thinking about buying a viol on ebay from China, as they can vary in quality.

The one source of Chinese viols that has been proven to be decent-quality instruments is LuMi and in the UK you can get them through the Early Music Shop (near Bradford and or in London).

You should also have a look at our makers' page (Resources in Menu above) if you are thinking of getting a professionally-made instrument.

Sellers beware! Make sure you trust enquirers sufficiently before letting them have an instrument to try, and be careful about the actual transaction of money. There have been a few seemingly untrustworthy attempts of contacting sellers on this page.

The choice of a bow can be a very personal thing. Every player has a different technique and physique, and has varying levels of skill and patience to adapt to a bow that is perhaps not quite right. You may get a bow that is absolutely fine for a few years and then your playing or preferences change and you might look for another one. It is a good idea to try a bow with the instrument, as they need to be compatible, too.