Thematic Index of Music for Viols - Tablature Manuscripts

TABLATURE SOURCES FOR LYRA VIOL MUSIC INTRODUCTION The Society's Index of Manuscripts Containing Consort Music generally excludes sources of tablature pieces. One or two exceptions have been made where these can be linked to a particular owner/copyist like John Browne, or where the tablature pieces are part of a composite collection like GB-Ob, MSS Mus. Sch. D.245-7, by John Merro ( noted as IMCM in the list below). Indexing lyra viol music is fraught with difficulties because the various manuscripts throw up numerous discrepancies. One piece might be assigned to several composers, appear in more than one tuning, or present variant readings, all of which hinder making a positive identification. In recent years Richard Carter has done much valuable work on the tablature music in the Thematic Index, pointing out corrections and finding concordances. It has been proposed that an index for lyra viol music be created, listing pieces by source, similar to the published IMCM above. As work progresses we will place it on this site. Revision and correction will thus be relatively easy to manage. It is intended to show the concordances for each piece. The aim will be to provide a link to each manuscript from the list below. Much work has already been done, although it will take time to create and co-ordinate the various files. Initially we have draft lists by Richard Carter, John Cunningham, the late Gordon Dodd, and John Robinson, which will provide a very firm foundation as the project gets under way. Andrew Ashbee

Source List

(a) Printed Sources

Hume, Tobias The First part of Ayres.., 1605  
  and Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke, 1607 .pdf
Ford, Thomas Musicke of Sundrie Kindes, 1607 .pdf
Ferrabosco, Alfonso [II] Lessons for 1. 2. and 3. viols, 1609 .pdf
Corkine, William Ayres to Sing and Play to the Lute and Basse Violl, 1610
  and The Second Booke of Ayres, 1612 .pdf
Playford, John A Musicall Banquet, 1651 .pdf
Playford, John Musick's Recreation on the Lyra Viol, 1652 .pdf
Playford, John Musick's Recreation on the Lyra Viol, 1661 .pdf
Playford, John Musick's Recreation on the Lyra Viol, 1669 .pdf
Playford, John Musick's Recreation of the Lyra Viol, 1682 .pdf
Moss, John Lessons for the basse viol, 1672 .pdf
Maynard, John The Twelve Wonders of the World .pdf


A-ET, goess MS 'A'  
A-ET, goess MS 'B'  
A-ET, goess MS 'C'  
D-Kl, Ms. 4 Mus. 108 .2 .pdf
D-Kl, Ms. 4 Mus. 108 .3 .pdf
D-Kl, Ms. 4 Mus. 108 .4  
D-Kl, Ms. 4 Mus. 108 .5  
D-Kl, Ms. 4 Mus. 108 .6  
D-Kl, Ms. 4 Mus. 108 .7  
D-Kl, Ms. mus. 61.1(1)  
D-Kl, Ms. mus. 61.1(2)  
LUh, David von Mandelslaw  
D-WRz M.9.20 [Ziegler] .pdf
D-B, Mus. ms.autogr. Hove 1 .pdf
IRL-Dm, MS Z.3.4.13  
IRL-Dm, MS Z.3.5.13 [see VdGS Journal III] Narcissus Marsh .pdf
IRL-Dtc, 408/1 [William Ballet] .pdf
F-Pn, Res 1111 .pdf
Great Britain  
GB-CHEr, MS DLT/B31 [Peter Leycester]  
GB-Cu, Dd.5.20  
GB-Cu, Nn.6.36 .pdf
GB-Cu, Dd.6.48 .pdf
GB-Cu, Dd.5.78 .pdf
GB-Cu, Dd.9.33 .pdf
GB-Cu, Hengrave Hall Deposit 77 (1)  
GB-Cu, Hengrave Hall Deposit 77 (2)  
GB-Cu, Add. MS 9284  
GB-DU, Mus. 10445 [Andrew Bla[i]kie]  
GB-En, Dep. 314/24 [Sutherland] .pdf
'GB-En, P637 R787.1' .pdf
GB-HAdolmetsch, MS II B 3  
GB-Lam, MS 600 [John Browne] [IMCM 2]  
GB-Lbl, Add. MS 15117  
GB-Lbl, Add. MS 15118  
GB-Lbl, Add. MS 17795 [IMCM 1]  
GB-Lbl, Add. MS 31432 Cunningham/Lawes]  
GB-Lbl, Add. MS 56279 [Silvanus Stirrop] .pdf
GB-Lbl, Add. MS 59869 [Cartwright] [IMCM 1]  
GB-Lbl, Add. MS 63852 [Griffith Boynton]  
GB-Lbl, Egerton 2971 .pdf
GB-Cu, [to check - single sheet or double fold]  
GB-Lbl, Harley 7578  
GB-Lbl, Mus. 249  
GB-Lcm, C41/1 [formerly II F 10 ]  
GB-Mp, BRm/832 Vu51 [facsimile; see VdGSJ III]  
GB-NTu Bell-White 46 [VdGSJ II]  
GB-Ob, Ob MS Mus Sch C.61 [IMCM II]  
GB-Ob, MS Mus Sch D.217  
GB-Ob, MS Mus Sch D.221 .pdf
GB-Ob, MS Mus Sch D.233, 236  
GB-Ob, MS Mus Sch D.245-247 [IMCM I]  
GB-Ob, MS Mus. Sch. F.572  
GB-Ob, MS Mus. Sch. F.573  
GB-Ob, MS Mus. Sch. F.575 .pdf
GB-Ob, MS Mus. Sch. F.578  
GB-Ob, MS Mus. Sch. b.15  
GB-Och, Mus 439  
GB-Och, Mus 531-532  
GB-Och, Mus 725-727  
GB-Och, Mus 1014  
GB-SA, MS 38470/2 .pdf
GB-WOhc, MS LM/1083/91/35 [see RMARC 43]  
[TW m] Tunbridge Wells, Richard MacNutt private collection  
N-Tu, XA HA Mus. 1:2 [see Chelys 23]  
N-Tu, XA HA Mus. 1:1 [see Chelys 23]  
N-Ou, MS 294 [see Chelys 23]  
RUS-SPan O No.124 .pdf
S-[K1], MS 21.068  
S-L, MS Wenster G. 28  
S-L, MS Wenster G.35  
S-N, Finspang 9096.3 .pdf
S-Skma, MS Tablatur No. 3  
United States of America  
US-Ca, MS Mus. 70 [William Lawes] [Cunningham/Lawes]  
US-LAuc, MS M286M4L992 [Mansell] .pdf
US-NH, Misc. MS 170, Filmer Ms 3  
US-NYp, Drexel 4175 [Anne Twice]  
US-SM, MSS EL25/A/46  
US-Wc M2. I.T217C Case