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We were not quite sure how to use this page because we want to avoid duplicating information for & about younger viol players in the newsletter. If you have any input, pictures or comments, please let us know.. email

Ibi's pardessus hat inspired some to do some knitting. So we have launched a competition: knit something viol-related (or crochet, or any other craft) and receive a free CD (JS Bach Transcriptions by Susanne Heinrich)

Clare Griffel was the first to react the competition. Well done Clare!
download the knitting pattern

Sheep with Viol (this reminds us of those Fried Chicken places you see in South London that have a logo with a laughing chicken in an apron, holding a frying pan - given the gut string connection this is similarly ironic!)
download the knitting pattern

Snowman Consort by Sue Goode

Photo taken by Ibrahim Aziz. There should be more wolley hats for viols! Can someone start a business and get knitting?

Susanne Heinrich (previous administrator), age 8.. What you can't see on this photo is that there is an upturned basket under the feet, because the legs were not long enough to reach to the floor - still aren't. Also note the pinky sticking out and the bow held right by the frog, as instructed at the time. These dungarees were almost the only item of clothing she had. It's a blessing photos don't come with sound.

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